The Radio Show

The original Now THAT'S Weird (the radio version) ran for just over five years with three hours of totally live programmes every Friday night from 9 p.m. and only ended after Ross became ill in late 2007.

The show featured some of the biggest names in strange phenomena research from all over the world included Bob Dean, the late Jim Marrs, Nick Pope, Drunvelo Melchizadeck, Ian R Crane and of course David Icke to name but a few.

Ross's own research into anomalous phenomena, led him to become recognised as a leading authority on many subjects such as parallel dimensional activity, dowsing, ghosts/paranormal, PSI testing, mediumship exploration, UFO's, crop circles and much much more! This in turn led to him being booked to speak at conferences in the UK and America, and to his appointment as the UK Director of International UFO Congress (IUFOC) in Laughlin prior to its sale a fewyears ago.

The show gained many syndicate radio stations around the world and was becoming the main challenger to George Noory's Coast to Coast AM in the USA, with it's listenership at one point growing to an alleged 500,000 tuning in across the involved networks, every week.

The archive remains in tact, and there have been many requests to air the shows again or to make them available as podcasts, but because of music and ads in the shows, this would involve considerable editing time and again would require financial sponsorship.

As we write this, Ross is in discussions with a new radio network to begin a new series of the show in late 2017, so watch this space!

If any advertiser/sponsor would like to get behind a new series of the radio shows they should email rhemsworth@hotmail.com

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