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The Phantom Or Fraud Project

Phantom or Fraud was set up around 2001, initially to test the ability of mediums and 'readers' to actually contact the deceased and whether GHOSTS actually existed! Initial findings were expected to find the 'frauds' rather than phantoms, but the team were very surprised with their findings.

Ross Hemsworth has always maintained that the "paranormal, is purely that which science has not yet explained as normal", and that he remains logical and rational in his research despite admitting that he has personally encountered a number of things that he cannot explain by any rational or logical means.

Phantom or Fraud went on to become the team featured in the hit TV series Ghost Detectives on UK Horizons, produced by Lion Television. This is now available as a six CD box set via sites such as Amazon. The series was fronted by former Dr Who TOM BAKER and aired in 2001.

Phantom or Fraud became one of the first national training organisations for people interested in learning more about researching the paranormal in a sensible and scientific way and set-up a UK-wide series of investigation teams led by regional team leaders.

The research conducted by Ross and the team was featured in his first book THE DEAD ARE TALKING which now, although out of print, still occasionally pops up on sites such as Ebay and is also available on KINDLE. The book received rave reviews from readers and put forward some interesting new theories on various areas of paranormal research. Ross signed a copy of the book for pop star Robbie Williams when he visited International UFO Congress a few years ago!

Whilst Ross retains all rights to the Phantom or Fraud Project name and research, these days he has found little time to continue the investigations, but when he does, it is usually under the Now THAT'S Weird brand.

Ross still undertakes the odd after-dinner speaking event, and a few conferences where he shows some of his research findings in what has been described as a 'very amusing but factual presentation'! Bob Brown from International UFO Congress once introduced Ross as "Europe's Art Bell and a very funny guy"!

To request an appearance by Ross Hemsworth at your event please email rhemsworth@hotmail.com

Ross's interest in all things strange, began as a child after a series of strange experiences, but it wasn't until 2001 that he found himself with enough time and money to actually begin real investigations into anomalous phenomena.

He was running his own independent TV production company Galaxi Television when the opportunity arose to investigate an alleged haunted building, which started him off on a road that was to take him across the world following reports of UFO's ghosts, inter-dimensional vortices, crop circles and The Knights Templar.

Ross became known as somewhat of an expert on the so-called ORB phenomena, at a time when other paranormal investigators were writing them off as dust or moisture. His experiments seemed to prove that there was more to the 'orb' than this!

He also investigated seeming links between the Sinclair family and the Knights Templars, and found what appeared to be evidence of a link between the King Arthur legends and the Templars in Perthshire, Scotland, thus bring the two great 'grail legends' together.

On a trip to Wannaque New Jersey in the USA, he encountered some of the strangest photographs he had ever seen, and could not again, find rational or logical explanations for what seemed to be appearing in the photographs.

Whilst making the GHOST DETECTIVES series, he provided strong evidence to suggest that ley lines and energy lines were quite different, as leys could seemingly be moved at will, whereas energy lines seemed static and tied to Earth fault lines or grids. To prove this he took three different dowsers into a room at Bowden House in Devon and asked them to search for a ley, none of them found one. He then sent them all outside, and mentally projected a leyline across the room. The three dowsers all then re-entered the room one at a time, and each found the ley in exactly the same place. Ross has since recreated this experiment many times with the same success.

Ross's knowledge of anomalous phenomena investigation and general research, has made him the ideal host for a show such as Now THAT'S Weird, because he remains open-minded enough to give his guests the opportunity to state their case, whilst knowing enough to be able to question their research techniques. In each the show the audience are left to decide whether they believe in what the guest has put forward.

When asked about his own favourite shows and guests Ross said "there are just too many to choose from but the late Wendelle Stevens, Michael Mott, Bob Dean, the late Jim Marrs and Drunvalo Melchizadek were certainly very interesting, and I always enjoyed chatting to both Nick Pope and David Icke, but one of my personal favourite interviews was with Dr Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut who allegedly walked on the moon, and is now a firm believer in UFO's"

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